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Our Story

Teacher Beth Soriano started Kiddie Centrum as a pre-school in the 1980's. The school then became known for its 100% passing rate in big schools and the graduates became top-notchers in their respective schools. After 26 years, Kiddie Centrum started offering elementary with grades 1, 2, and 3. With the expansion of the school, it was also time to upgrade its name, one that will possess its brand and vision. Kiddie Centrum was then changed to Southfields International Christian Academe Centrum or SICAC.


In the following years, SICAC continued to add one elementary level at a time, until we held our first graduation in 2010. Through the years and even today, SICAC maintained its legacy of academic excellence as we continue to send out graduates who are ripe for harvest.


Currently, SICAC continues to grow with more and more students plus an ongoing expansion.

SICAC may have changed a lot through the years, but one thing remains - God is our rock and our builder, and he has been faithful to His promises to SICAC from one school year to another.

Our Mission Vision

Southfields International Christian Academe Centrum provides quality education that is dedicated to developing every individual's God-given gifts, molding excellent Christian character and empowering students, teachers and staff to a globally competitive standard for a much greater harvest.

Our Key Verse

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

- Proverbs 22:6

Our Pillars and Core Values

The SICAC Pillars and Core Values are the convictions that support and empower the purpose of SICAC, providing stability, certainty and a strong foundation in achieving it.
1. Lordship of Christ
2. Academic Excellence
3. Character Development
4. Social and Ecological Engagement

5. Values-based Leadership

6. Evangelism

Our Approach

Our function is to shape the knowledge as we stimulate its love and pursuit. Aside from our regular classroom lectures, we encourage learning through:

  • Hands on learning experience
  • Integrated approach to learning incorporating Christian values
  • Educational field trips reinforcing information and concepts
  • One to one interaction between teacher & puil
  • Art appreciation
  • Supervised work-play
  • Social awareness through current events
  • Special events

Meet the Team

SICAC is a family owned institution blessed with a team composed of diverse individuals to cater to each child's unique needs.



Founder & CEO



SICAC Teachers

Eka Soriano - Head of School Operations_result

Eka Soriano

Head of School Operations


Benjamin Solonia

School Principal



Members of the board of directors

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